Due to their use in the house, all household appliances must be 100% efficient and free from leaks. TEX offers solutions with great potential to guarantee total safety to users of appliances. Some of the items that can be evaluated through our air-tightness tests are:

Here are some examples
  • Stoves
  • Filters
  • Air-tight containers
  • Washing machines
  • Taps
  • Mixers
  • Refrigerators
  • Coffee makers
  • Gas regulators
  • Valves
  • Drinking fountains
  • Irons
TEX’s equipments are the solution to companies willing to position their brands powerfully and with world-class quality, by making it possible to test 100% of the manufactured items with speed and productivity and ease of operation, apart from the guarantee from a company that has been present for over 18 years in the major companies of this countries in the most varied segments.

Increase the added value of your products through TEX air-tightness guarantee!