Pressure Decay Leak Tester – TEX-G4-SE


The G4-SE model is the ideal one to replace or improve the reliability of immersion tests. It also offers excellent cost-benefit ratio regarding the replacement of tests involving PLC and pressure transducer tests.

Functioning: it injects and measures the part internal pressure during a certain period of time. This variation is then compared with the set parameters, and then the device accepts or not the part automatically, by generating luminous signs on the digital outputs.

Its pneumatics is innovative, robust, and easy to fix, with valves specifically developed in order to guarantee perfect air-tightness of the test circuit.

It can be purchased in manual or automatic pressure setting versions.


  • Its fully removable pneumatic module facilitates maintenance/calibration
  • Own valves with air-tightness-oriented technology
  • Access control with NFC technology (RFID tag), with operator/user’s data registered for each test
  • 7”-color display(800 x 480px), industrially robust and sensitive to the touch
  • Pressure automatic electronic setting up to 30Bar
  • Test time auto-parameterization
  • Auto-cleaning and dynamic auto-test
  • Warranted digital calibration with built-in certificate and validity electronic control
  • Ethernet communication interface (Modbus and HTTP) and 2 RS-232 ports (Scanners and printers)
  • USB Flash Disk inlet for the collection of results, backup, and updating, among others
  • Picture of the registered product on the equipment
  • Statistic graphs of the results available on the screen
  • Ultra-fast 24-bit A/D converter
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Compatible with imported devices and with TEX-G3 line
  • Validated according to the European Community (CE Seal) for emissions and electromagnetic interferences
  • Register of up to 1,000 tested parts with up to 16 inputs for each part
  • Events schedules for reminding the operator about necessary actions to be performed throughout the day/shift
  • Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish or other language (on demand)


  • Escape measurement by pressure drop with 1Pa resolution
  • Test pressure: 5 / 30 /200 /500 /1.000 /1.700kPa
  • Pressure units: kPa, bar, psi, cmH2O, mmHg, or unit programmed by the user;
  • Selectable units: Pa, Pa/s, mL/min;
  • Own pneumatics with TEX-piloted valves;
  • Worldwide technical support;
  • It performs air-tightness, obstruction, cycling, pre-filling, and external chamber tests;


Having this solution implemented to your company, you will have the following Benefits within your reach:

  • Total traceability of the tested products through the use of scanner/printing features;
  • Test parameters security by means of access level and traceability of changes x user;;
  • It converts pressure drop values into flow units (cch and ccm);
  • Quick detection of high leaks;
  • Great cost-benefit ratio;
  • It replaces PCL integrated systems with quality + Sensors + Valves in automatic machines with TEX’s know-how.
  • The volume factor calculator (KVe) enables you to set the part dynamic volume in a simple and intuitive way.

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