Micro-Differential Pressure Leak Tester – TEX-G4-HD


Leak testing by differential micro-pressure variation

The world’s most renowned air-tightness tester is even better now: The micro-differential model.

The TEX-G4-HD model integrates all TEX’s technology combined with COSMO Instruments’ Japanese technology, which is an Asian specialist in air-tightness. Through the use of pneumatics fit for air-tightness developed by COSMO, this device is capable of measuring differential pressure micro-variations of 0,001 Pa!!!

Being robust for operating in the most severe pneumatic lines, it works with valves and sensors developed for standing up to 50bar of pressure with auto-cleaning and dynamic auto-test functions.

The Japanese technology for valves and sensors for air-tightness tests, combined with the Brazilian expertise in electronics and intuitive software, makes the G4- HD model an air-tightness tester by differential pressure a unique, repetitive, and robust device for the most severe tests.


  • Its fully removable pneumatic module, facilitates maintenance/calibration
  • Own valves with air-tightness-oriented technology
  • Access control with NFC technology (RFID tag), with operator/user’s data registered for each test
  • 7”-color display(800 x 480px), industrially robust and sensitive to the touch
  • Pressure automatic electronic setting up to 30Bar
  • Test time auto-parameterization
  • Auto-cleaning and dynamic auto-test
  • Warranted digital calibration with a built-in certificate and validity electronic control
  • Ethernet communication interface (Modbus and HTTP) and 2 RS-232 ports (Scanners and printers)
  • USB Flash Disk inlet for the collection of results, backup, and updating, among others
  • Picture of the registered product on the equipment
  • Statistic graphs of the results available on the screen
  • Ultra-fast 24-bit A/D converter
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Compatible with imported devices and with TEX-G3 line
  • Validated according to the European Community (CE Seal) for emissions and electromagnetic interferences
  • Record of up to 1,000 tested parts with up to 16 inputs for each part
  • Events schedules for reminding the operator about necessary actions to be performed throughout the day/shift
  • Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish or other language (on demand)


  • Differential sensor with 0,001Pa resolution
  • Test pressure: 5 / 30 /200 /500 /1.000 /1.700 /3.000 /5.000kPa
  • Leak measurement by pressure differential sensor;
  • Pressure units: kPa, bar, psi, cmH2O, mmHg, or unit programmed by the user;
  • Differential pressure ranges: 2000@0,01 Pa / 10000@0,1 Pa;
  • Selectable units: Pa, Pa/s, mL/min;
  • COSMO Instruments’ Japanese Pneumatics;
  • COSMO’s worldwide technical support;
  • It performs air-tightness, obstruction, cycling, pre-filling, and external chamber tests;


Having this solution implemented to your company, you will have the following Benefits within your reach:

  • It replaces important devices with reliability improvements; and availability;
  • High immunity to dirt in the pneumatic lines;
  • It is more intuitive and easy to operate;
  • National and worldwide technical assistance, with part availability for repairs in field;
  • Availability of demonstration and rental of pieces of equipment;
  • Smart pneumatic circuit: it speeds up the test total time;
  • Differential pressure converter (Pa) in leaks (cm³/min), through the Leak Master (optional);
  • The volume factor calculator (KVe) enables you to set the part dynamic volume in a simple and intuitive way.

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