Intelligent Digital Gas Flowmeter – MF-700 V2

Frequent Asked Questions

How does the warranty for this equipment work?

The MF-700 flow meter has one year warranty against any manufacturing defects and / or electronic occurred during the correct use of the equipment. Not included in the warranty defects by misuse of the equipment.

The maintenance of the equipment can be performed by any technician?

No, the maintenance of the meter is restricted to technicians TEX. Unauthorised servicing any part of the equipment, except those described in the manual automatically invalidates the warranty term.

How often the equipment must be calibrated?

We suggest that the equipment is calibrated every 6 months. OBS .: Only when calibrated in accredited laboratory TEX certificate can be inserted in the machine.


This flow meter is featured with Swiss technology for flow mass measurement combined with Brazilian technology for interface, thus having unique features in a single device.

It incorporates air-tightness units and a volume meter in a single flow meter.
Its exclusive algorithm for continuous average calculation enables you to calculate the average of over 1 billion samples, thus ruling out any metrologist’s imprecision.
It measures flow dynamically with really low loss of load and excellent measurement stability, thus measuring both flow directions.

It can work in lines pressurized with up to 1MPa.

The calibration certificate is inserted in the memory, and download can be made at any time by the user.

It is featured with exclusive CMOSens mass measurement technology, guaranteeing speed and solidity to measurements.

The world’s unique flow meter having touch-screen interface, Ethernet communication, and RS-232.

The full scale can be set within the sensor total range, thus improving the calibration curve.


  • Power supply: external supply +24 VDC (24W) (Included);
  • Serial communication: Ethernet (RJ45) – TELNET and HTTP and RS-232 – MODBUS;
  • Interfaces: Analogic output 4~20mA and 1~5Vdc;
  • Memory: 1GB for data collection;
  • Display (IHM): 320X240 TFT color touch with backlight;
  • Operation temperature: +0 to +50 ºC;
  • Flow units: cm³/min, mL/min, L/min, cm³/h, m³/h,
    m³/min, m³/s, mL/s, cm³/s;
  • Protection degree: IP40;
  • Barometry: Measurement of temperature and environmental pressure;
  • Compliance: CE mark;
  • Connections: 3/8″ BSPP;
  • Fluid: Inert gases (Filtration class 1.4.1-ISO8573);
  • Maximum pressure: 1MPa;
  • Housing material: Anodized aluminum;
  • Sensor body material: Aluminum, polycarbonate, and viton;
  • Dimensions: 104x126x34mm;
  • Weight: 250g.


Having this solution implemented to your company, you will have the following Benefits within your reach:

  • Normalized dynamic flow measurement;
  • Continuous average with standard deviation;
  • 3 measurements per second;
  • It can be pressurized up to 1MPa;
  • Collection of measurement data via Ethernet;
  • Touch-screen colored display;
  • Measurement of Pa/s leak unit;
  • Warranted Digital calibration (RBC) with certification incorporated in the memory;
  • Calibration due date warning;
  • Part volume meter;
  • Selectable flow units;
  • Ethernet Interface (incorporated website);
  • RS-232 Serial with MODBUS protocol;
  • 4~20mA and 1~5V retransmission;
  • 1 input and 2 configurable digital outputs;
  • Really low load loss;
  • Multi-calibration: up to 14 gas options;
  • Languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

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