Trace Gas Test Manager – TEX-G3-SH


Management of tests with Helium and Hydrogen.

A device developed for the management of test panels by means of tracing gases, such as mass Spectrometers and Sniffers. It can manage any inert gas used for screening tests.

It evacuates the tested part by generating high vacuum, and then executing a pre-air-tightness test by pressure variation, thus preventing that parts with average and high leaks be tested (without wasting screening gas).

Only if approved on the pre-test, it pressurizes with screening gas, thus releasing the tester (spectrometer or sniffer) and maintaining the control of the part internal pressure.


  • Automatic electronic setting of the test pressure (Optional);
  • Memory of up to 30 programs with test parameters;
  • Program lock key;
  • Portuguese language (English and Spanish are optional);
  • State-of-the-art analogic/digital converter of 24bits;
  • Selectable pressure units: bar, mmHg, mmH2O, kPa, mbar, and psi;
  • Calibration due date warning with an alarm for 30 days before the time limit;
  • Warranted calibration certificate ISO17025 (RBC);
  • Sound and visual signal of the test result;
  • The RS-232 Interface generates test data to the supervision systems (Optional);
  • High rejection index alarm;
  • Test auto-parameterization function: just let the device do its auto-setting!
  • 16 NPN digital inputs and outputs (PNP optional);
  • Warning for number of cycles for periodical revision programming;
  • Periodical auto-test;


  • Leak measurement by gauge pressure sensor;
  • Selectable escape measurement units: mbar, psi, Pa, mbar/s. psi/s, Pa/s, cch, and ccm;
  • Test pressure ranges: -100 ~ 1000 kPa (other ranges on demand).


Having this solution implemented to your company, you will have the following Benefits within your reach:

  • It converts pressure drop values into flow units (cch and ccm);
  • Quick detection of high leaks;
  • It prevents waste of screening gases;
  • Great cost-benefit ratio;
  • It replaces PCL integrated systems with quality + Sensors + Valves in automatic machines with TEX’s know-how.

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