Micro-flow caliper – TEX-G3-CV


TEX-G3-CV Micro-Leak Calibrator is the latest technology developed for generating micro-leaks in dry tested parts. Through this device it is possible to calibrate air-tightness test electronic panels without the need of using calibrated bores, which intrinsically depends on test pressure and are always unitary, that is, they generate only one fixed leak value.

The TEX-G3-CV is based on the principle of generation of leaks by means of a micrometric needle valve, which makes the generation of infinite leaks possible with pressures of 0 (vacuum) at 150 psi. In this valve output there is a micro-flow meter informing the calibrated leak instantly on an alphanumeric display.


  • Normalized leak unit Sccm, Scch, Slpm;
  • Low flow ranges: 2 / 20 / 100 / 500 NmL/min
  • Average flow ranges: 5 /  20 / 50 / 200 NL/min;
  • Light and handy;
  • Digital calibration;
  • Portable and robust;
  • Built-in battery with charge level indicator.


  • It generates infinite leaks by replacing several LeakMasters with only one, the TEX-G3-CV;
  • Ease of operation;
  • RBC calibrated certificate;
  • Selectable units.

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