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TEX Equipamentos Eletrônicos was founded in 1997, in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, from a challenge: To develop better Brazilian equipment for dry-leak test in manufactured parts.

Having this challenge in mind, as well as dreaming of becoming a world reference to leak tests, the company developed its first electronic pieces of equipment in that year for air-tightness tests: the Zero Generation (G0). These products are capable of detecting leaks in the assembly lines of a wide range of products, such as: Radiators, headlights, tanks (water/gasoline), carter, collectors, engines, gear boxes, stoves, irons, water purifiers, sanitary metals, taps, valves, clocks, hospital collection bags, catheters, etc.

TEX’s solutions incorporate cutting edge technology for the measurement of micro-leaks in a simple and robust operation, both in the production line and in laboratories.
All of this is performed with accuracy, measurement quality, and characteristics specially adapted to the market. Every year new generations of products are improved according to the companies’ needs and also to manufacturing international standards. Four generations of air-tightness equipment, calibrators, and digital pressure meters have been developed.

In order to be really close to its customers, and also to expand its premises, in 2008 the company moved its headquarters to the town of Itupeva, State of São Paulo, which is 70 kilometers away from the Capital City, which increased its logistic potential considerably.

TEX has a highly qualified team fully capable of helping our customers to analyze detections of leaks in their lines of items. Every product in our company is ISO 17025 certified for calibrations.

Currently, we have international partnerships with both Cosmo Instruments in Japan and Lazerro Technologie in Italy for us to offer more advanced solutions related to high accuracy tests.

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