Voith Turbo
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Voith is a technology group that operates all over the world. With a broad portfolio of equipment, products and industrial services, Voith serves five key markets: energy, oil and gas, paper, raw materials and transportation and automotive.

The group holding is Voith GmbH, headquartered in Heidenheim / Brenz (Germany). Voith GmbH belongs 100% to the family that gives its name to the company. The advisory and fiscal bodies are the Board of Directors and the Fiscal Council. The latter is also the body that controls the executive board.

The operating deals are grouped into four divisions of the group: Voith Hydro, Voith Industrial Services, Voith Paper and Voith Turbo. The subsidiaries businesses of the group divisions are always directed by an independent, legally responsible company.


depoimento-sem-foto“Our sealing device presented a defect that affected us directly due to the lack of the leakproofness test in the products.
In contact with Tex’s technician, Mr. Victor, who promptly answered us and after the contact returned me with an opinion that led to the solution of the problem in less than an hour.
Thank you to the technician Victor da Tex, for the prompt service and efficiency in the service, showing the partnership he maintains with Voith Turbo. “

Rubens Lopes