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Rinnai Brasil
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Founded in 1975, Rinnai Brasil is headquartered in the city of Mogi das Cruzes / SP, where it has a modern industrial plant, prepared to produce a diversified line of products and components.

Rinnai meets all the important regulatory requirements, so deservedly, the company has NBR ISO 9001 certification and now in 2011 certified with NBR ISO 14001. With this profile, combined with the training of its technical and operational staff, Rinnai has invested continuously In the development and nationalization of its products, contributing to the strengthening of the national economy, generating jobs and participating every day more of the solutions that can offer greater quality and comfort to the consumer and contruibuindo with the improvement of our planet.

Among the main concerns of the company is the safety of the user of the gas equipment. Thus, Rinnai relies on precision engineering and diversified testing to ensure each product is off the assembly line ready for use and within specification, as all nationalized items are approved by Japan’s parent company.

In the world, Rinnai is present through its affiliates and subsidiaries in Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, England, the United States and Italy.

Rinnai invests firmly in the development of new technologies and products, always seeking to improve the levels of safety, comfort, practicality and modernity of its products. Factors such as low fuel consumption and caring for the environment, now so relevant, have always been considered to be of utmost importance.

This proactive stance makes the brand itself confused with the qualities of the product. Thus, the name Rinnai, generates immediate identification with robustness, confidence and satisfaction.



“At Rinnai, we test various products, all to provide greater customer reliability. This reliability tied to repeatability is very important. Even without using the equipment, I really liked the design, it’s pretty much. In addition, it is easy to transfer and record programs, and also the possibility of working in a network, which facilitates even for TEX, due to the remote maintenance. We chose TEX because we confirmed that its equipment has a leaner version and that it offers a great quality of work. “

José Tomaz, Manager