DENSO do Brasil

DENSO do Brasil
Installed Products

DENSO is today a world leader in the manufacture of auto parts and automotive components. This outstanding position is due to its constant concern to update and improve technology used in its products, in search of the highest level of quality at increasingly competitive costs. For this, DENSO has state-of-the-art equipment and, in quality control, the most modern laboratories that monitor its indices.

Its main products: Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator, HVAC, Intercooler, Tube and Hose, Radiator, Air Conditioning System, Air Conditioning System for Buses


depoimento-sem-foto“Thank you very much for your attention and for the training that has helped me a lot to organize my knowledge in tightness acquired in my professional life.” In relation to the company I loved to know the structure and the profile of the team that works with seriousness and competence. I am going to organize a team so that they can carry out the training in Pernambuco. “

William Prado – Engineer