Happy “thanks for you exist” day

Happy “thanks for you exist” day

Today is celebrated the day of the friend in Brazil. The date is shared in order to emphasize the friendship of context, defined by very adjectives like affection, devotion, affection, commitment, development in the social field as a professional. According to the economist, researcher at the Human Behavior and writer Carlos Hilsdorf, true friend is the one who tells you what you need to hear, not you want to hear, risking the friendship for your sake.

In relationships we have in the sphere of life, interpersonal and business include major highlight. In this context the link between corporate professionals and corporations, is assimilated and go together in both successful process.

Among the objectives and actions favorable to business growth, stand out self-awareness, empathy, assertiveness, politeness and ethics.

Strengthen these links brings improvements not only to our interactions at work, but also to other areas of life such as family, social and affective. These relationships become essential to our personal development.